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Help for Ontario Drivers Issued a Speeding Ticket in New York

Every day, many Ontarian drivers cross the border into New York State where the police are notorious for giving out traffic tickets. But does this mean you’ll be let off without any consequence if you are an Ontario resident and you get a speeding ticket in New York?

Although the United States and Canada operate under different laws and legal systems, both countries share driver information with one another. This means that New York State will transfer speeding tickets to Ontario. Once the province has this information, demerit points and fines will be assessed against your Canadian driving record.

It can be tempting to simply pay the fine for a speeding ticket that is obtained in New York and not deal with a lawyer, but a traffic ticket, regardless of how minor it was, will be on your record for a period of three years. A conviction can raise your car insurance premiums.

Why take any chances with your driving record – hire an experienced lawyer to fight your speeding ticket in New York and increase your chances of successfully having your ticket dismissed without even having to cross the border.
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Ontario has Reciprocity with New York

With Ontario so close to New York, many drivers cross the border into the United States. But just because you are away from home, doesn’t mean you can’t get caught for speeding. Ontario drivers are easy targets for speeding tickets in New York because they are more likely to pay the fine without challenging it.
The state of New York and the province of Ontario have reciprocal agreements through which information is exchanged regarding traffic tickets. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, any traffic violation that you commit in New York is equivalent to a traffic offence in Ontario.

Possible Penalties

Ontario drivers that get a speeding ticket in New York may face the following consequences:
  • Fines – If you plead guilty to or are found guilty of the offense for which you were ticketed, you will likely have to pay a fine.
  • Demerit points on your license – Points are kind of like strikes against you. When you receive a certain number of points, you are "out” of the driving game because your license will be suspended.
  • Suspended license – When you reach the maximum number of license points allowed by state or law or if you commit a first offense that is serious in nature, you may lose your driving privileges either temporarily or permanently.
  • Increase in Car insurance Premiums – Your car insurance premiums will likely increase every time you plead guilty or are found guilty of a traffic violation.
If you are an Ontario driver and you receive a speeding ticket in New York that comes with a fine, you can either pay the fine or hire a lawyer to help you dispute the ticket.

Ontario Lawyers that Fight New York Speeding Tickets

If you have received a speeding ticket away from home, don’t just pay up. A lawyer representing Ontario drivers for speeding tickets in New York is your best chance at having your ticket dismissed.
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